Transforming a project business into a modern Project, Portfolio & Work Management experience


Industry: Mining and Construction
Solution: Microsoft Project for the web with Power PPM 

Transforming a project business into a modern Project, Portfolio & Work Management experience


Industry: Mining and Construction
Solution: Power PPM with Project for the web

Microsoft Project for the web and Power Platform at FLSmidth

FLSmidth & Co. is a Danish engineering company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With almost 11.700 employees worldwide, it provides global cement and mineral industries with factories, machinery, services and know-how.

With FLSmidth’s global operations essentially being a large Project Business, and with a lot of varying tools and solutions for Project and Portfolio Management practices being in place, the Department of Global Strategic Supplier Management set out to find a holistic and user-friendly solution for Work, Project & Portfolio Management matters. Being introduced to the Microsoft Power Platform they saw great potential in the combination of the platform together with the new Microsoft Project for the Web.

Project for the web in Power PPM| FLSmidth case

Introducing Power PPM

As FLSmidth had already conducted a few pilots with the creation of canvas-driven Microsoft Power Apps for individual business needs, and the Microsoft Dynamics platform being an integrated part of business processes, a model-driven Microsoft Power App was the logical next step to explore. Together with the longtime Microsoft Partner Projectum, FLSmidth chose Power PPM for future Project & Portfolio best practices. Power PPM is built with an integration to Microsoft Project for the web directly in the cockpit, as well as Microsoft Power BI for project and portfolio reports and dashboards.

Delivering a better experience

A key requirement for the prototype was to arrive at an enhanced user experience, and that the solution also works with the rest of the Dynamics 365 platform. Also, a best-in-class performance should be the target. Soon, the right data entities were established, and a simple, yet user-friendly UI was agreed on. Because of the underlying Dataverse, the solution showed a fast performance and responsiveness. Further, the solution got the right “project portal” experience, by adding a few work areas from a front page, such as Portfolio Overview, Program Execution, PPM Insights, and Project Planning.

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“With Microsoft Project for the Web and Power PPM we finally have a userfriendly, yet advanced solution for Project Portfolio Management. We are currently rolling the solution out to Digital and R&D departments – and are aiming for a productivity increase of more than 20%.

Power PPM provides best-practice Portfolio capabilities and coupled with excellent planning features of Microsoft Project for the Web, the solution provides a best-in-class ecosystem for modern PPM.

Morten Noergaard Nielsen

Global Strategic Supplier Management

The Future

FLSmidth has been impressed with Power PPM so far. A part of a future use scenario is that the Power Platform scales to any devices, further enabling the modern work management experience at FLSmidth.

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