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Join Kaare, our Product Owner for What If, in uncovering the steps from idea to intake to portfolio simulation with what-if tools.

During the webinar, we’ll get practical on how to work with balancing your portfolio, from everything to deciding the scope for simulation, optimizing your project intake funnel, and improving the selection and maturation process.

We’ll also explore how to prepare projects for balancing, prioritize and rank them effectively, and create scenarios as a basis for discussion.

With portfolio simulation tools, you’ll see the benefits of visualizing complex information leading to clearer impact analysis and better decision-making.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to:

  1. Deciding the scope for simulation.
  2. How to optimize your project intake process
  3. A better Selection & maturation process
  4. Preparing the projects for balancing
  5. Getting a handle on Prioritization & ranking
  6. Creating scenarios

About the speaker: 
Kaare is the product owner of What If, dedicated to improving the process of portfolio balancing with technology, data, and visualization.

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