From a great workplace to the best workday

The walls of office buildings are no longer the boundaries for our workday. With the workplace expanding to include our homes and a constant online presence, organizations need to shift from a “building-first” mentality to a “people-first” reality

It is no longer about creating the best workplace. It is about creating the best workday. That will require a human-centric approach. This approach is very natural for Projectum

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Translating our values into principles

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Social Culture

We believe that the foundation of a healthy organization relies on a strong sense of togetherness. Care for fine dining? Go-karting? Running events or just a game of table football on a Friday evening in the office? We make a great effort in arranging social activities to keep the spirits high and the brain-inspired.

Physical Appearance

When we talk about physical appearance it digs a lot deeper than what initially catches the eye. It is about providing and being part of an environment that inspires and motivates people to do more and better. Creativity and innovation can be sparked in many ways; surroundings, people, mental and physical health, food. Our physical appearance, the walls we work within, the clothes we wear, the activities we take part in, should all play part in our physical presence.

Work Culture

The work that we deliver should be represented in the way we work. It is paramount for our work culture that we both give recognition and feedback for the work we produce while allowing for freedom and flexibility to challenge conventional thinking and stepping outside the box. We take pride in being the best in class and allow ourselves to set the bar high. A healthy work culture feeds high-performing teams.

Open positions

Finding and keeping new talent is a key success factor for all organizations. At Projectum we are good at keeping our talent and we hire skilled people that choose us over others because we have a different and unique work culture.

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