In January 2021, Projectum was acquired by The Digital Neighborhood.

The Digital Neighborhood is a connected community of 11 independent tech companies. Focused on Microsoft products, the group specializes in data, apps, the cloud, and business intelligence.

we are the digital neighborhood

A growing movement of diverse expertise. All harnessing the talents of our neighbors, we speak our minds, embrace new ideas, and help each other progress. Working in close-knit teams, we feel the difference we make for our customers every day – and are proud to be part of such a powerful collective.

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the digital neighborhood philosophy

The Digital Neighborhood is here to power the growth of our amazing business – and the talented people who work for them. We don’t seek the limelight at the Digital Neighborhood. Instead, we shine a light on our businesses and the expertise they bring. We celebrate them for who they are, as they are. We bring them into a broader community that allows them to do more, and make a bigger impact.

All proudly independent.

All seamlessly connected.

Welcome to The Digital Neighborhood. We’re a community of 11 cloud-first tech companies focused on all things Microsoft.

While proud to be part of a growing network, all our businesses retain the entrepreneurial fire that sat them apart in the first place.

This independent spirit frees us to keep pushing boundaries while forging close, personal relationships with all our customers.

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