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Whether you run a cloud or an on-premise strategy, we recommend Microsoft Project as your Project and Portfolio Management software. Microsoft Project is designed to make organizations more effective by improving and streamlining project, portfolio and resource management. Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Project Server on-premise are very alike in terms of features and functionality, but there are some differences between them.


Project Online delivers a seamless experience within the areas of project, portfolio and resource management. This solution enables you to focus on delivering strong projects, without having to worry about the IT system and database infrastructure. Being part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, Microsoft Project Online offers a broad collaboration hub and the online-mindset supports a quick changing, flexible and modern and workplace.

If you are looking for an environment where you do not have to worry about technical maintenance, then consider a Project Online environment.



Project Server is particularly suitable for organizations that prefer or need to have ownership of their IT infrastructure. This could be in the pharmaceutical industry, financial industry or in the public sector, where regulations and safety regulations demand an on-premise solution.

If you are looking for an environment with SQL query access to the databases and full content control, then consider an On-Premise Solution.



Microsoft Project Online is a cloud offering, meaning that no IT infrastructure is needed.

With Microsoft Project Online, you get a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that includes all imaginable PPM disciplines out-of-the-box. Being a 100% configurable platform, you can have a portfolio overview in no time.

With Microsoft Project Online, you are provided with a tool that ensures improved resource management and capacity overview. In other words, you get a full overview of the organization’s resource consumption and potential bottlenecks, as well as the possibility to optimize the allocation of resources. Assign resources to your project with the “Build Team” function and get a consolidated resource overview in a resource center. Overall, Microsoft Project Online makes resource management simple and efficient.

Microsoft Project Online is designed with a very intuitive and recognizable interface. The main features are available via the accessible navigation and menus (“ribbons") as known from the other programs in the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

Microsoft Project Online is the ideal tool to create a comprehensive overview of your organization’s portfolio. At the same time, it makes the benefits visible, by providing the opportunity for portfolio management and prioritization. It is easy to measure the progress of the project portfolio in relation to the organizational KPIs and/or drivers, and the output can be visualized within the portfolio overview (e.g. traffic lights indicators). Additionally, you can have automated managerial portfolio reports, customizing and visualizing data according to the audience. This provides the necessary insights to make the right decisions at the right time, which creates the foundation for better portfolio management, staying aligned with the organizational strategy at all times.

Microsoft Project does the work for you! Eliminate waste time in preparing for steering meetings and manual collection of data - get automated reports in real time, based on the consolidated data within the solution. Building reports across one or more portfolios has never been easier. Just few clicks, then you can generate nice-looking reports in Excel, PowerPoint, Dashboards or Power BI. Get the most recent data presented on any device, at any time – stay on track!

Collaboration across the platform provides the basis for maximum productivity and optimal team work. Project Online comes with perfectly accessible out-of-the-box project work space, which can be synchronized with Outlook and Skype for Business.

In other words, working with project workspaces creates the basis for a collaborative approach that empowers the team member and the product result.

Project Online belongs to the Microsoft Office 365 family and is also available separately, providing great collaboration opportunities with other Microsoft products. For example, get users and resources into the PPM solution by synchronizing automatically with Active Directory groups.

Share documents, work agile and benefit from Groups, Teams and Planner that equips you with project management tools that support a modern and flexible workplace. These powerful features make Project Online one of the best online project management software available.


Detailed project and program management
Portfolio Management and simulation
Resource Management
Business Intelligence reporting on several levels
A collaboration platform
Integration and collaboration with other Microsoft products
Office Exporter by Projectum

Office Exporter exports data from Microsoft Project into reports in Microsoft Office programs automatically. This is a must have tool for project managers. With Office Exporter, you are only a click away from generating an updated report – it has truly never been easier!

Team Planner by Projectum

Team Planner is a Projectum resource management tool for Microsoft Project Online. The intuitive nature of Team Planner gives project managers and team managers an easy-to-use tool for requesting and allocating resources. It makes the planning and coordination of resources simpler and less time-consuming.

Resource Engagement Sync by Projectum

By adding Engagement Sync to your Microsoft Project Server or Project Online platform you can overcome challenges with insufficient overviews. Consolidate bookings between relevant projects and resources, by synchronizing SharePoint calendars for instance, for the Project Management and Team member(s).

Timesheet Daily Comments by Projectum

Timesheet Daily comments gives users the much-needed functionality to add a comment to their timesheet. This provides a more specific and detailed invoicing and a better overview of the time spent on a given day.

Site Permission by Projectum

Projectum Site Permission is an alternative to the WSS sync feature from Microsoft, that enables configuration of when and how the permissions should be synchronized.

Transformation Hub by Mavim

With the Transformation Hub (T-HUB), Mavim offers a packaged solution that empowers you to align your change initiatives with the strategic vision of your organization. T-HUB has been adopted by EY and Microsoft, and Projectum is going to help Mavim build the Microsoft Project Online engine to translate strategy into effective project execution with the combined power of T-HUB, and a working solution for Project & Portfolio Management (PPM).

Integration Hub by FluentPro

Integration Hub is a leading cloud-based middleware integration solution for connecting Project and Portfolio, Work Management, and Financial Management systems.



This video represents Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (Microsoft PPM)’s future vision of project & portfolio management in general.

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