Apps that mean business



PowerApps is a Microsoft tool that allows you to build visually stunning apps that take advantage of device capabilities like cameras, GPS, and pen controls. You can run PowerApps on any device, and they are completely customized for your business requirements—all without writing a single line of code.



When other app platforms stop, PowerApps keeps going. Pro-developer extensibility is natively built into the platform, allowing developers to seamlessly extend app capabilities using Azure Functions or use custom connectors to connect to custom or legacy systems.

Apps that mean business

Easily build the business apps you need and extend or customize the apps you already use.

Empower your developers to seamlessly extend app capabilities using Azure Functions, build custom connectors to support tailored scenarios or legacy systems, and embed apps directly into websites or other tools—such as SharePoint—to create integrated solutions.

With Common Data Service for Apps built in, you get a powerful data service with rich customization, business logic, and security capabilities. Your data is stored in a standard format through the common data model so it’s ready to go and easy to use.

Data is at the core of every app. You can easily get your data into your apps with hundreds of connectors for many popular cloud services and even your on-premises data. Connect your apps to Sharepoint, Dynamics 365 and all Office 365.


Projectum emphasizes the importance of understanding the processes as a crucial part of delivering quality solutions. Following this implementations methodology secures a streamlined implementation approach between stakeholders and IT technology. We master the discipline of transforming and optimizing processes. For every Microsoft PowerApps & Flow implementation, we start with analyzing the involved stakeholders, tools, and complexity of the process. 

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