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release SUMMARY:

  • Category Resources with no RBS should be visible for all LMs

  • Mouse over creates confusion

  • Changes to engagement name field



release SUMMARY:

  • New version of Team Planner ready for download from AppSource

  • This version has an improvement in relation to planning resources entering the organization in the future



release SUMMARY:

  • Optimize load time for subsequent loads on TP

  • Bug fixes



release SUMMARY:

  • Optimized load for TP on a PDP

  • Optimize load of time-phased data

  • Bug fixes



release SUMMARY:

  • Chinese Language support

  • Visible projects controlled by RBS

  • Remember settings from log-in to log-in

  • Full screen button

  • Auto allocate

  • New icons for configuration/admin page

  • Support of weekends for capacity planning

  • PM Substitute to request in Team Planner Grid

  • Performance optimization - Reduce loading of engagements

  • Expand project tile and resource tile to show 100 projects/resources

  • Remove Allow to allocate resources outside own RBS

  • Add a project to Resource Capacity overview

  • Enable new lines in comments.

  • Make the list of resources in the project dynamic according to the timeline date range

  • Forward request for LM

  • Automatically add comment on request

  • Add resources to a project where they are hidden

  • UI option to include hidden engagements



release SUMMARY:

  • Restrict access to configuration page

  • Display license information in configuration module for the customer

  • Add week numbers to days and months view and redesign existing way of showing the date in general

  • LM to request in Classic

  • Optimize drag and drop in grid

  • Investigate alternatives to include Team Planner requests in MS Simulation

  • Make reports work with refresh

  • Configuration of what the Project “i” displays

  • Heatmap and Capacity report to be visible in Visual Planning

  • Add field to License model to limit the license to a single PWA

  • Keep time-phased data when updating engagement



release SUMMARY:

  • Move the hours for utilization

  • Different icon for Generic resources compared to named resources when there is no profile picture for named resources

  • Heatmap to include additional RBS and additional resources

  • Changes to Capacity Report



release SUMMARY:

  • Notification arrows on bars in visual planning to indicate engagement length 

  • Russian Language Package 

  • Mail notification for additional RBS 

  • Use workflow stage-name to determine visible projects 



release SUMMARY:

  • Add a small line on all the KPI bars to separate red and green

  • Heatmap report for Line Managers

  • Edit Mouse over text for all 3 KPIs

  • LM can't delete requests

  • PM can't delete allocations

  • Remove background image from the web part area

  • Un-do button

  • Red light bulb to be configurable

  • Add number of hours to the KPI

  • How-to tile needs link to

  • Always show delete button

  • Special Case for Admin projects

  • Mail notification when customers creates/updates license information

  • Capacity Report for Line Managers

  • Mail notification from Visual Planning

  • Add language selection as part of the Team Planner configuration

  • Menu icon

  • Change project KPI bar next to icon in project tile



release SUMMARY:

  • No resource picture in the grid in Grid Planning

  • Refresh button on the project

  • Lightbulb must work on the hand shake level

  • Link between week numbers in timeline and dates in grid

  • When dragging resource from grid (classic) to resource tile only future data is deleted 

  • Automatic shrink of engagement 

  • Collapse Resource tile per role for LM and PM in Classic 

  • Show allocations for resources outside my RBS – Visual Planning 

  • Optimize Performance of Team Planner 

  • Lock "Request" cells for named resources when "Request on named resources" is disabled 

  • Change dialogue box 

  • Optimize Load Performance of Team Planner 



release SUMMARY:

  • Change color of buttons (New, OK, Delete and Cancel) 

  • LM can drag allocation back to the New engagement tile in Visual Planning 

  • LM to have additional resources (outside his RBS) 

  • Allocations in administrative projects must depend on RBS and not named resource 

  • Update the text and img in the configuration tile "How To"