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Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation


Tabellae is a leading document management specialist. Based in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and with several locations in the US – Tabellae helps companies reduce the cost of designing and managing ERP related documents, such as invoices and quotes.



Tabellae started handling their data in CRM and Finance systems. But as business grew, and hence the need for processes, they tended to go to Microsoft Office, which resulted in a project handling in Excel spreadsheets. But as the complexity in data increased, Tabellae realized a need for a critical to improve their project & portfolio overview.

As you grow it’s a challenge to integrate these different systems. Utilization is always a challenge, but also being able to distribute different inbound tasks and assignments, to the right resource with the right skills. And also according to avilability and priority of the task.
— Stefan Reina, COO


Eventually Tabellae chose Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365. And to help them with the implementation, Tabellae chose Projectum.



The collaboration between Projectum and Tabellae was very synergetic from the beginning. Both companies were very open for the possibilities that Dynamics 365 contains, and thus made it very easy for them to explore and implement the needs that Tabellae had.

Projectum stepped in from start to finish, helping Tabellae understanding the system to customizing the solution to fit the Tabellae standards.

Projectum just demoed the system and showed us what it was capable of and then afterward we focused on the few gaps there were between the system and our requirements, and then they helped us customize the solution for the last 10%.
— Stefan Reina, COO


With the solution Projectum set up an Project Service Automation environment within Dynamics 365. The solution includes an integrated and structured system between disciplines such as project planning, resource management, time and expenses. In the case of Tabellae Projectum also implemented elements of the Field Service and Customer applications within Dynamics 365. And to create the holistic overview that Tabellae needed, Projectum also included a set-up of Power BI reports.

Projectum definitely showed that they are experts within this field, and they have a very pragmatic and customer oriented approach, which we liked a lot. So it has been a very good collaboratioin.
— Stefan Reina, COO


Today Tabellae has a much better overview of their total business. Their utilization is increasing, which was on top of their list of goals with the solution.