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Reporting Hub™

What is
Reporting Hub™?

Sensei’s Reporting Hub™ provides an enterprise-level data warehouse for Microsoft PPM that is hosted in Azure. The Reporting Hub™ synchronizes the data from Project Online in real-time and allows for reporting across Line of Business systems. With the Reporting Hub™, you can to take advantage of your existing investment in SSRS reporting and utilize features like automated e-mail distribution of reports. If you have existing SSRS reports from an on-premises installation, they will seamlessly work in the cloud. Report on all data maintained in Project Online using a fast and reliable SQL Database connection.

Key Benefits and Features

The provided database is modelled after the on-premises Project Server reporting database. Therefore, most existing on-premise reports can be easily moved to Project Online with little or no changes.

Your Project Online data is available in real-time with no maintenance requirements.

Data is secured and stored in your dedicated Database in your nearest Azure data center

You don’t need to develop reports using slow OData queries as Reporting Hub is fast to retrieve your reports.

Extend your Reporting Hub database to include data from other Line of Business applications for reporting purposes.

Sensei's Reporting Hub™ is a reporting service that runs in Microsoft Azure. Consolidate and present data from Project Online in real-time reporting. Create and export beautiful reports in PDF, Word or Excel and all SharePoint Project Site data can be easily reported against.


Visualize existing data in a user-friendly UI
Scale your needs along the way
Gather all data in one place and create stunning real-time reports
Reliable standard Microsoft tools

Ben Coussens, Sensei State Manager, discusses how Sensei's Project Online Reporting Hub painted a brighter future at Caltex.


2016 Microsoft Australia Partner Award submission.

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