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Integration Hub™

What is
Integration Hub™?

Integration Hub is a bidirectional integration hub between Project Online and your Line of Business systems.

It allows your organization to move data in and out of Microsoft PPM for integration with Line of Business systems. The integration to Microsoft PPM comes standard and additional ‘Connectors’ to systems like SAP, Jira and others are available or can be developed.

Key Benefits and Features

Integration of project planning, project management, cost management & collaboration data sets

Elimination of double entry of data by end users

Integration platform for real-world scenarios – the modern enterprise uses different systems to obtain the highest level of work effectiveness

Usage of multiple connectors between multiple tenants

Availability and transparency of the information for management and decision makers

Full of partial synchronizations of data entities

Secure, Cloud-based, SAAS platform hosted on Microsoft Azure

Modern web-interface for configuration management

Script based, data transformation and verification rules

Extensive and thorough logging capabilities / transaction logs

Full integration with Project Server and Project Online security

Scheduled, fully automatic and manual synchronization options

Unidirectional or Bi-directional synchronization

Support of all custom attributes / fields

Better understanding between organizational departments
Better communication between organizational departments
Transparent work processes and easy maintenance
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