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Timesheet Daily Comments

What is
Timesheet Daily Comments?

Timesheet Daily comments gives users the much-needed functionality to add a comment to their timesheet. This provides a more specific and detailed invoicing and a better overview of the time spent on a given day.

Key Benefits and Features

Timesheet Daily Comments ensures increased transparency in time registration. Timesheet Daily Comments is easy to use for the person registering time and the manager or administrator, who needs to consolidate comments. It is a very functional feature, which is not part of the standard Microsoft solution.

Projectum Timesheet Daily Comments is an add-on product for Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online which is integrated to the Timesheet.

To add a comment simply right-click on the cell and write a comment.

Create a detailed invoicing foundation
Get qualified dialogue between project manager and team members
Team members get a better overview of his or her reported hours
Timesheet Daily Comments

Projectum has developed a timesheet add-on that enables you to enter comments on a daily basis, directly into the grid. Simply right-click any cell to leave comments for that specific day.

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