Smart permission synchronization

Site Permission

What is
Site Permission?

The WSS sync feature from Microsoft synchronizes permissions on project sites based on assigned resources in the project. This is quite performance consuming and not customizable. The queue is filling up, and the performance of the system is slowing down.

Projectum Site Permission is an alternative to the WSS sync feature from Microsoft, that enables configuration of when and how the permissions should be synchronized.

Different permission profiles can be configured for different enterprise project types, ensuring to have open configurations for some project types, and a more secure setup for others.

Application Insights can be used for monitoring the application performance.

Key Benefits and Features

The Projectum Site Permission solution handles the synchronization of the following situations depending on which configuration options are chosen:

  • When creating a new project, predefined SharePoint groups will get access to the new project site
  • When creating a new project, department managers are given access to the project site based on the project department and the RBS structure.
  • When people are added/removed with the Build Team functionality to the project, the people will get access to or be removed from the project site
  • When people are made inactive or deleted from the Project Online user list, they are removed from SharePoint groups.
  • When a project is saved it is investigated if the project owner or project department has changed and the owner and department manager permissions to the project site will get adjusted.

Site Permission is an add-on for Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft Project Online, that is suitable for organizations that wish to gain control of project site permissions.


  • Replaces key functionality of Microsoft wss sync without performance penalty
  • The project site permissions are synchronized with only a small-time delay after a change of the project owner or project team
  • The manual task of handling permissions for project sites is no longer necessary
  • The Site Permission is highly configurable, and therefore easy to setup and maintain.
  • The permission rules are automatically maintained; In case a SharePoint Administrator accidentally deletes access to the project site, a rule ensures that all permissions are granted by the next publish of the project.
  • The Site Permission handler uses a queue in Azure, and runs the permission synchronization asynchronously, meaning that the solution is highly scalable.
Better scalability and performance across the solution
Reduce errors by relieve your administrators for manual maintenance
Be compliant with Governance on a permission related level
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