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Resource Engagement Sync

What is
Resource Engagements Sync?

By adding Engagement Sync to your Microsoft Project Server or Project Online platform you can overcome challenges with insufficient overviews. Consolidate bookings between relevant projects and resources, by synchronizing SharePoint calendars for instance, for the Project Management and Team members.

Key Benefits and Features

Make sure that the strategic direction is carried out by providing a transparent team member engagement overview, thus ensuring better alignment between planned and actual hours.

Resource Engagement Sync is an add-on to Microsoft Project Server and Project Online. It takes data from these systems/platforms and synchronizes it into SharePoint calendars. From here, data can be pushed into Microsoft Outlook Calendars, giving the Project manager and team members a clear overview of their assignments.

A useful and visual outline of resource bookings across projects
The SharePoint calendar can be an overlay in Microsoft Outlook Calendar
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