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Custom Fields Editor

What is
Custom Fields Editor?

With Custom Fields Editor, PWA administrators can easily track the frequency of how often fields are used. Another valued feature is to bulk delete selected fields in one take. Finally, it allows PWA administrators to filter on type and level.

Key Benefits and Features

Microsoft Project administrators will save a time handling somewhat basic maintenance of the project administration, as the out-of-the-box views do not support the features that are supported by Custom Fields Editor.

Make sure that your system governance is uphold and stay on top of the solution by keeping track of whether fields are being used.

Projectum Custom Field Editor is a standard Microsoft add-on, and supports a quick and easy way of filtering, bulk deleting and track how much the individual fields are used. These features are key to maintaining a clean and functional overview of this crucial but often neglected part of your PWA.

Filter on all custom fields
Track the usage of custom fields in projects
Export the stats to Excel for reporting
Multi-select and delete fields in one take
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