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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Progress through overview and insights

Team Planner by Projectum

Team Planner is a Projectum resource management tool for Microsoft Project Online. The intuitive nature of Team Planner gives project managers and team managers an easy-to-use tool for requesting and allocating resources. It makes the planning and coordination of resources simpler and less time-consuming.

Office Exporter by Projectum

Office Exporter exports data from Microsoft Project into reports in Microsoft Office programs automatically. This is a must have tool for project managers. With Office Exporter, you are only a click away from generating an updated report – it has truly never been easier!

Custom Fields Editor by Projectum

With Custom Fields Editor, PWA administrators can easily track the frequency of how often fields are used. Another valued feature is to bulk delete selected fields in one take. Finally, it allows PWA administrators to filter on type and level.

Reporting Hub™ by Sensei

Sensei’s Reporting Hub™ provides an enterprise-level data warehouse for Microsoft PPM that is hosted in Azure. The Reporting Hub™ synchronizes the data from Project Online in real-time and allows for reporting across Line of Business systems.

Integration Hub™ by Sensei

Integration Hub is a bidirectional integration hub between Project Online and your Line of Business systems It allows your organization to move data in and out of Microsoft PPM for integration with Line of Business systems. The integration to Microsoft PPM comes standard and additional ‘Connectors’ to systems like SAP, Jira and others are available or can be developed.

Transformation Hub by Mavim

With the Transformation Hub (T-HUB), Mavim offers a packaged solution that empowers you to align your change initiatives with the strategic vision of your organization. T-HUB has been adopted by EY and Microsoft, and Projectum is going to help Mavim build the Microsoft Project Online engine to translate strategy into effective project execution with the combined power of T-HUB, and a working solution for Project & Portfolio Management (PPM).

Microsoft Project

A flexible and user-friendly Project Portfolio Management tool

Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence like never before

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