Update in Project Online | Manage time in report feeds Update in Project Online | Manage time in report feeds
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20 November, 2017

Update in Project Online | Manage time in report feeds

The Microsoft Project team recently announced an update for Project Online that would make it possible for administrators to control the level of time they wish to report on directly from "Server Settings". Early (update) birds will get this new capability very soon to their O365 tenants, making it active in all your PWA Site Collections. Each PWA can be configured individually to support the desired report scenario.

Previously, you retrieved all time levels from days, weeks, months and years, impacting the overall report performance (refresh time). 

How does this benefit me?

This new update is primarily relevant if you are a PWA admin as you will get the ability to set how to rollup task and assignment time phased data. The update supports weekly, monthly, fiscal period, or the previously supported day grouping for time phased data. You will even be able to chose to have no timephased data. 

If you choose to use this new option following benefits will impact all users that retract reports: 

- may benefit from simplified report building
- reduced storage requirements
- improved report generation performance

Once available in your tenant, set the time phased data reporting setting as defined by your reporting requirements and publish all of the projects. It might be a good idea to do this on a non-production PWA instance first as you might need to update you reports, apps etc. that consume date from those four feeds. Additionally, once the feature is live, make sure to set up your new timephased data reporting setting on new PWA instances as theyl will be set to Never.


* This update will have minimal affect for users with Reporting Hub

For more info about this update, read this.

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