PPM BUTLER: Accelerated Innovation for Modern Work Management Bringing Modern Technology To Work Management
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23 May, 2018

Bringing Modern Technology To Work Management


Businesses are more intelligent than ever – innovation on digitalization and artificial intelligence allows companies to accurately analyze big data and work smarter. Whether you are ready or not, the new era of digitalization and automation is about to transform modern workplaces, accelerating technology to bring back greater business value.


Yet still, in the wave of digitalization, organizations struggle with disciplines and systematic processes – these trivial but inevitable procedures could potentially harm organizational productivity and efficiency. For this dilemma between organizations wanting to be as swift and agile as possible, and the requested systematic processes that organizations are built on, automation steps in as an ideal solution. To take a competitive edge in business, organizations are constantly pushed to act rapidly and accurately driven by data, and here is where automation can be brought in as a helping hand.


Machines can be smarter than humans, and they are faster – taking in the data at hand, machines are intelligent enough to “read” the trends and analytics behind it, react and predict future trends. Furthermore, machines can be trained. As long as the machine is fed continuously with renewed data and trends, it learns and develops into a smarter version of itself, assisting humans in decision making, insight generation and process optimization. This rapid technological advance in digitalization and data and analytics is going to reshape the way modern workplaces manage resources, processes, and business landscape as a whole, which eventually will optimize organizational performance and intensify business competition. 


With the initial thought being to free more capacity for projects, PPM Butler was developed in this context as a relief from the hassle. 






PPM Butler (the “BOT”) is a Projectum solution to project optimization. It is a chatbot particularly trained in project and portfolio management, specialized in assisting project managers in their daily work processes, administration and project governance. Project managers can “outsource” administrative/operational tasks to the BOT, while prioritizing tasks on tactical and strategic levels instead. It is a much leaner approach to following processes and administrative burdens, eventually leading to a better project outcome.


The power of the BOT is unleashed in 3 steps:

Step 1: The BOT ensures project data quality by gathering and manipulating data across the organization in the same manner, making data changes consistently throughout the organization;

Step 2: the BOT examines and understands the trends and tendencies based on the collected data in Step 1;

Step 3: the BOT then predicts future data trends and give project managers advises for next actions.


By these 3 steps, the PPM Butler enables users to follow project processes in an intuitive and fun way while making sure that PMO governance can be easily achieved. On top of that, another excellent feature that makes the PPM Butler a great PPM assistant is the notification feature. Notification feature is when the BOT is told to look out for something, and then notifies you when it happens – it comes exceptionally handy when you are managing multiple projects at hand.


Imagine you are a project manager and you are about to attend a monthly steering group meeting: instead of going through a long checklist every month to make sure that you are fully prepared, the BOT can take care of that task for you. Once you give the command to the BOT, it automatically goes through your project data and notifies you what should be updated, what problems have been raised, as well as providing you with guidelines to solving the problems. This “heads-up” function hugely reduces repetitive work and time on the administration side, eventually freeing up more capacity for strategic tasks instead.



PPM Butler is accessible from any mobile device or web browser through a variety of communication channels e.g. Microsoft Cortana, Teams, SharePoint and Project Online itself.


Built with Microsoft’s machine learning-based language understanding service LUIS.AI, the BOT is capable to correctly identify and interpret cognitive information from user conversations seamlessly for a high quality, nuanced language model. Moreover, LUIS also ensures that the BOT learning and improving actively in its language skills, to better serve the user’s language requirements.




PPM Butler can be conceptualized as a platform that connects the cloud service with LUIS. Project data can be hosted and stored in Azure, while the BOT has been trained to understand project portfolio management, especially in Project Online - which is what makes the BOT a unique product.

To bring more fun to the PPM world, the BOT is a role-based product – it can be deployed and customized for users on different maturity levels based on users’ needs. The BOT can be trained to better capture specific needs of the user and offers more accurate services accordingly.


Who needs the BOT?

Organizations that work on projects with a large number of resources across teams and functions often struggle to grab a clear overview, not mentioning the overwhelmed project managers having tons of processes to follow. PPM Butler is then the ideal solution to simplify data tasks and provide a guideline for organizational chaos. Incorporating the BOT in projects can largely bring down the time collecting and valuing data for project managers.



The PPM Butler is Projectum’s solution to bring innovation and project portfolio management together, ease the pain of non-value-adding project time, eventually achieving a more efficient project execution and optimizes project outcomes. Efficiency optimization simultaneously makes room for organizations’ business agility and innovation level – businesses will be able to minimize the time spent in trivial tasks and focusing on growth on a strategic level.

Moreover, PPM Butler is a dynamic product born in a dynamic world: it constantly upgrades by incorporating and learning from user feedback – by training, it gets smarter over time and can offer more accurate services based on user needs. PPM Butler enhances the IT infrastructure and develops the maintenance and customer service protocols in a modern workplace – this tool is intuitive to use, intelligent and keen to learning, and develops constantly based on data analytics.



Accelerated innovation is on the way of democratizing artificial intelligence for businesses around the world to grow business agility, future thinking, and effective strategy execution. The impact of edge-cutting technology on the modern workplace is peaking through and will certainly transform the way we work, and the way our work should be managed.


Instead of asking for “…out of the box PPM”, I say ask for “…out of the BOT PPM” – you can train and customize the BOT into any role you wish it to be so long as you feed it with correct data. Modern technology is ascending – what artificial intelligence enables us to do in the future and how would it impact the PPM world is truly exciting. 


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