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10 August, 2018

Microsoft presents homepage for Project Online: Project Home

During the last couple of years, a lot of attention towards Project and Portfolio Management has been directed towards the Digital Transformation era; An era that has urged all types of business to change their mindsets and behaviors with respect to the massive development of digitalization in everything that revolves around our daily lives. 

This attention is definitely not outdated, but during the last couple of months, it seems as if a new concept, as a result of the digital transformation, has sprung out. We are here talking about Modern Work Management. According to several studies - presented by Microsoft at Inspire - there has been a development in the last couple of years where businesses increasingly are using agile methods, a new workforce with a much more flexible and collaborative mindset is entering the business environment. These and other trends have new needs when it comes to both project and portfolio management.

A new experience in Project Online

 Microsoft will continue to support and further develop the future and modernized workplace. A first step is the launch of a new user experience for Project Online users. The new experience is driven by a new home page called Project Home. Besides a new UI (which by the way looks really nice), Microsoft has intended to meet above-mentioned needs and created a home page that helps users get organized and find projects of their interest from one place - eventually making it faster and easier to manage projects.

To learn more about some of its functionality you can check out this blog post from the Microsoft Project Support Blog.

What does the future hold for Microsoft PPM and Project?

Project Home is the first step from Microsoft towards a more integrated experience. The information so far has been limited in terms of the future of Project Online, but looking at the roadmap Project Home should become available sometime in August 2018. Microsoft will also add further updates in Planner, however, those updates still don't have an exact release date.

Click here to watch the entire presentation from Microsoft Inspire

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