If digital transformation is the answer, what is the question? If digital transformation is the answer, what is the question?
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01 December, 2017

If digital transformation is the answer, what is the question?


During the last couple of years, one request has been repeatedly raised to us from our clients: We need a digital transformation. We have typically countered the request with the following question: If Digital Transformation is the answer, what is the question? And this is normally where the real work start 

Digital transformation has become the buzz word of 2017 and with rightly so. Because those who truly grasp what digital transformation implies, have seen the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately, a buzz word often brings so much attention with it, that people either get overwhelmed and/or derailed on their journey or tend to only focus on the prize – without really considering the work and effort prior to achieving the goal.  




We are massive supporters of digital transformation – and to benefit from it, you need to lift yourself up and look at the big picture. Digital Transformation is more than keeping up with the technological development. It is, as the name implies, a transformation – a business transformation as we like to say. And to successfully implement a transformation, we believe that a holistic approach is necessary. 

This is where Project & Portfolio management comes in. Depending on the organizational PPM-maturity, PPM is often practiced within a single or perhaps more business units, nevertheless, it’s often a struggle for management to get an accurate portfolio overview in real-time, making it nearly impossible to make the right decisions in time. 

Our approach however, is that PPM should be a disciplined considered on all levels of the organization from the top managed strategic level, down to a managerial tactical level and further down to an operational level.  

We see the two, digital transformation and project portfolio management, as closely linked. First of all because there is an inherent technological element related to PPM, that links directly back to digital development. Work Management is constantly evolving with the continuous development of AI and an increasing force of leaders from younger generations with new mindsets. Second of all, we are in an age where businesses are transforming the way they structure their organizations. Business Agility has had a growing impact on this transformation during the last couple of years. An agile approach allows your organizational improvement initiatives to be executed in a faster, more reliable pace, always welcoming changes; instead of letting change limit you – you need to embrace them. 

"If you truly understand that changes must happen and they happen fast and rapid, that also means that your scope cannot be locked. You have to be open for changes and that is essentially changing the way project managers need to work", says Peter C. Kestenholz, Founding Partner and Microsoft MVP (PPM).




So back to the question from the introduction, if digital transformation is the answer, what is the question? There is no universal question to this. However, it is our experience that without a holistic approach to this,you will struggle to implement a sustainable and scalable solution. 

This is what we at Projectum help organizations realize. We approach every client with a holistic mindset. We try to engage with all levels of the organization to make sure that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards the same goals. 

The two videos in this explain a little more in depth, why digital transformation is relevant and how we at Projectum can help your business out.  



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