Combining Office 365 tools to improve Project & Portfolio Management [Best Practice] How to combine Office 365 tools for MS Project
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11 January, 2018

[Best Practice] How to combine Office 365 tools for MS Project

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On the 12th of December 2017 I [Erik Van Hurck] took a deep dive, into “the world of webinars”! Microsoft offered Projectum and myself a platform to talk about our view on Project Management and the tools Microsoft has to offer.

The webinar was a huge success, with 900+ people signing up and 437 people attending the live show. This article is sort of a wrap up and a “More information” kind of post. If you haven’t seen the recording yet: here’s your chance.


The general idea

The idea of the webinar was to show the connected possibilities using the currently available features in the 3 different tools that are available for Office 365 users.

There’s a nice solution that gets users the details that they need without the cumbersome interfaces that they don’t work in on a daily basis. PM’s like Project Online, but most Team members don’t visit or do enough in the tool to like it as much, they have more fun with Teams or Planner, which are tools closer to their hearts.


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Next webinar: Agile planning with Microsoft Project. Sign up here. 

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