Microsoft presents a new and modern Microsoft Project

Microsoft announced that they will introduce a new experience for project managers in october 2019.

Microsoft announced that they will introduce a new experience for project managers in october 2019.

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced something exciting for all Microsoft Project users.

Last year, Microsoft announced a new homepage for MS Project and later followed up with their new Roadmap feature. All of this now seems to culminate with the introduction to, as Microsoft put it; "the new project management experience".

We are extremely hyped about this announcement as we have been heavy advocates of the modern workplace, especially within the latest couple of years we adviced all our customers to join us in the journey towards more modern work processes and tools.

We are warming up for this announcement with several smaller events in both Denmark, Finland and Netherlands in the upcoming weeks and the registration is still open.

If you want to learn more about this new experience, you can sign up at one of our events or simply get in contact with us directly by filling it out the contact form right here.

Below you can read the announcement that was sent out by Microsoft:

We are pleased to inform you that the new project management experience, as a part of the new Project service, will be rolling out to your tenant, starting in October 2019.

As announced in our last Ignite blog, announced at Ignite 2018, the release marks the next chapter for Microsoft Project. With this fresh, re-energized project management experience, your teams can use a simple, yet powerful tool to manage work – from quick projects to complex initiatives. Designed for collaboration, Project makes it easy for anyone to contribute to a project and share updates across the team. And because Project is now built on the Microsoft Power Platform, you have the flexibility to customize and extend your solution to best suit your business needs.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 54641.

In the future, you will be receiving these kinds of communications as we continue to roll-out more capabilities. As a preview for the next communication, the name of your subscription will change as follows:

Project Online Professional will become Project Plan 3 Project Online Premium will be become Project Plan 5

This update will be effective at the end of October 2019. There are no actions for you to take or costs to incur associated with this update. A formal reminder will be sent to you at the end of September 2019.

Jonathan Baez