Work, Worker, Workplace

Our consulting team is ready to help any person, any team or any company become better when managing work and projects.

With up to five generations in the same workforce, we understand the need to tailor the user experience based on people behaviors, expectations and business processes.

We aim to modernize how people work, and as a leading global Microsoft partner we help organizations implement the most innovative, safe and future proof work management platform.

Any collaboration with Projectum begins with an assessment of the “work”, the “worker” and the “workplace” before recommending and implementing technology for digitalizing work processes.



Focusing on the “hot water”


Our customers rely on us to guide them through the jungle of technical decisions.

We take on the advisory role so that our customers can focus on what really matters – we call this “hot water” as opposed to technical complexities, which we refer to as “plumbing”.

Examples of “hot water” could be:

  • Reducing time to market for product development

  • Improving project success

  • Removing friction when requesting and allocation resources to initiatives

  • Establishing a creative environment for idea management

  • Strategically empowerment of the Enterprise PMO (EPMO)

  • Improving customer experience in service offerings

To successfully tackle complex business challenges by modernizing and digitalizing work, it’s critical that our engagements start with a well defined “why” before discussing organizational strategy and technology options.




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