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creating a common data-platform WITH MICROSOFT PROJECT TECHNOLOGIES



Implementing a new Project Portfolio Portfolio Management system to improve resource and capacity overview.



BK Medical




Medical Devices


Project Online, Team Planner, Power BI


BK Medical is a global supplier of medical devices. It was founded in Denmark in the 80's and is today part of a family of health care companies owned by Altaris, a US based investment firm. Since it was established, BK Medical has expanded worldwide with offices in Denmark, United States, Canada and China.

The R&D Department consists of 110 people spread across three locations: Copenhagen, State College and Vancouver. In 2016, Senior Management challenged the R&D Department to improve their project execution



It didn't take long for the PMO Director, Torben Ekenberg, to realize what the issue was in the R&D department. It became clear that the entire project governance and planning was spread into a number of isolated data sources. This resulted in a number of challenges:

  • Over allocation of resources
  • Slow and cumbersome processes
  • Little to no data transparency across departments
  • Different ways of reporting
  • No overview of time available vs time spent

All of these different issues made it very clear to Torben that the department needed a new system, to manage all the different pitfalls that the department had fallen into.

With the newly realized needs, Torben teamed up with Program Manager Henrik J. Koch, to find a system that could meet their requirements. After months of research and exploration of several systems, they finally chose Microsoft and Projectum:

We chose your solution because that was the one we believed mostly in, we saw the possible future opportunities and not least the possibilties of being part of the configurations and setups, Torben explains.


The idea with a new system was to solve two major issues: First of all, we wanted to eliminate all the data sources and gather our data into one place. This way we could become data-driven and eventually have more transparent project management. But the system should also help and support a new way of thinking about projects and enhance a more global and common way of reporting.
— Torben Ekenberg, PMO Director at BK Medical


Torben and Henrik didn't just consider their new solution a simple IT-project. This was a change management project where all involved parties would need to change their working habits and this was a crucial part for the success of the implementation. Torben and Henrik assembled a group of key opinion leaders and together with Projectum they ran a number of tests and a proof of concept to make sure that bugs, errors and other issues could be eliminated early on in the process. Fairly early in the process, Projectum and BK Medical decided to go live with the first part of the system, Team Planner. The upside was that Torben and Henrik had involved the Key Opinion Leaders very early in the process, which made the onboarding much easier and smoother for the users.

Resource and demand management was the part of the new system that BK Medical had their primary focus on. After Team Planner was live in the organization, focus moved to reporting. During the next couple of months, Projectum helped develop new reports in Power BI. This included updates on the project status reporting, setup of time registration and latest an implementation of roadmap simulation.

We had two channels of communication. One was with our Key Opinion Leaders. We had several meetings where we ran tests and discussed the functionalities together with Projectum. The other channel the Senior Management, where our focus was kept on a higher, strategic level. We always made sure to keep everyone informed about the status of the situation.
— Torben Ekenberg


Today, Torben and Henrik looks back at a very successful implementation of a holistic Project Portfolio Management system. BK Medical achieved their initial goals with the system and they are very happy with their choices:

One of the reasons why we chose you was because of the flexibility in the system and your ability to help us customize it exactly to our needs. I don't really see that anywhere else. And we also really appreciate your approach in your consulting which is; you help us become independant and enable us to configure and develop the system ourselves. You have been very professional and easy to trust, Henrik reflects.



The solution in numbers: