The identity crisis for a PMO in times of digital and Scaled Agile trends

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March 29, 2021

The role of a project management office (PMO) has always been to assist project managers with organizational methodologies, practices, and tools. Most PMOs have also acted as portfolio offices and, at a minimum, promised high levels of data quality for management-level reporting. In this case, data typically covers key performance indicators, financial forecasting, resource demand versus capacity, top risks, key deliverables, and more.

In our experience, the organization hasn’t understood the difference between agile, traditional, scaled agile, and DevOps, and the digital transformation/agility ambition is anchored in the buzz from trends alone. The organization hasn’t asked itself what it really needs and discovered the appropriate methods, processes, and system support. Even worse, an “unexperienced agile” leadership team quickly feels it has lost its control of the business — and especially in those business units that have become most agile.

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