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March 29, 2021

Project for the Web is Microsoft’s most recent offerings for cloud-based work and project management. When it comes to cloud-based, that means that it is hosted by Microsoft itself, which gives an easy access for Microsoft to improve for the functionality of the application. It is not hosted for the local organization servers, its hosted in the Microsoft 365 offering.

Project for the web is built on the Microsoft Power Platform and includes the Project Home, Roadmap and a new project management experience that is easy-to-use, web-based, and especially created for informal managers. As a cloud-based solution, Project for the Web has new features every month, which are posted in the general Microsoft’s blog.

With a fast and simple interface, Project for the Web is a go-to scheduling application for people who do not need to do heavy scheduling, as it is easily accessible, fast and improving its functionalities every month.


– Intro

03:08 – New functionality

04:12 – Import a MPP file

17:25 – Extra local fields

21:00 – Copy a schedule

23:15 – Export to Excel

27:50 – Task Attachments

34:50 – Summary and Q&A


In this webinar Erik Van Hurck (Senior Consultant and Microsoft MVP) is going to look through five key functionalities that came to the application recently. He will explain step by step, starting off with, how to important a Microsoft project schedule file into Project for the Web, how to add extra fields (local), where he will explain what it means. Additionally, Erik will provide a live demo and explain how you can copy a schedule and how can you export that schedule into Excel, which is very useful for reporting purposes. Lastly, Erik will explain about task attachments, as its very useful to have documentation based on your tasks, and share it with your team, as you progress through you project life cycle.

At the end of webinar Erik will wrap up with the webinar’s summary, where he will provide what to expect next and which functionalities are currently rolling out, with additional Q&A session where he will answer audience questions.