Facilitating New Product Development projects in Convatec with Power PPM

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May 28, 2021


00:00 – Introduction to Projectum, Convatec and Power PPM

15:01 – Live demo of Power PPM with Jes Allersted

34:40 – Using Power PPM for New Product Development at Convatec with Kristen Brown


The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing continuous pressure from multiple sides, to become even better at analyzing marketing potentials, forecast opportunities for new products, and reducing time-to-market through an optimized product life cycle. This pressure is constantly forcing R&D departments to stay on top of their Product Development processes, to ensure that projects are being executed most optimally.

This webinar presents ideas and concepts on how to facilitate PPM PPM and New Product Development processes. Specifically focusing on the Life Science and Pharma industry, and the flexible solution for Project Portfolio Management – Power PPM. Kristen Brown, Associate Director in the NPD PMO at Convatec, also shares her views and experiences with Power PPM and presents Convatec’s approach towards using a new PPM system within the Microsoft Office 365 space. 

From lack of centralization and consistency to clear process and governance capabilities

Convatec operates globally with approximately 8.000 employees. The Product Development unit is based in the UK, with manufacturing locations spread around European, Dominican and US locations.

Convatec has a number of business units that look at medical technology from continence, critical care, infusion care, ostomy care, and wound care.

Kristen Brown, Associate Director in the Technology and Innovation function at Convatec, works within the Portfolio Management organization and is responsible for the planning and execution of New Product development projects. In her presentation, Kristen provides insights and explains how Convatec wanted to move over to a cloud-based system and a more systematic approach to managing portfolios and projects, as too many processes were being handled manually in Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoints. Over time, this had created a lack of consistency in how projects were executed, leading to lower efficiency. Eventually, too many systems and tools were being implemented in the organization, and Convatec needed a centralized place to create clear process and governance capabilities.

Reasons for choosing Power PPM
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Supporting the digital future of the business

As Convatec was already familiar with Microsoft technologies, Power PPM seemed like a natural choice for their next project and portfolio management solution. The solution met all the needs and on top of that, the possibility of integrating with other tools supported the company’s ambition for an enhanced digital business.

Kristen goes on to explain how her unit uses Power PPM for managing a number of processes e.g. Idea Management, where they use stage-gate process to first pitch the idea, then research the idea and finally pitch the research, which provides a clear and transparent way to manage and prioritize ideas. The system even allows for the direct conversion into a project, which provides a seamless workflow that eliminates a lot of waste time.

Kristen also expresses how Power PPM has enabled the team to build project tasks consistently and efficiently through automated flows e.g. auto-generated reports, and inter-connected tags to sign teammates to projects and tasks.

Finally, Kristen shows how Convatec connects everything in reports through Power BI, allowing them to stay on top of the business and drive wider business discussions on the health and balance of their cross-business unit portfolios and explore things like where the loss-spend is situated, where are resources being used, what does the launch cadence look like and much more.

A Power BI example from Convatec solution