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September 17, 2021

In the life of every company, there come moments when companies want to improve their brand quality from good to even better, and usually trends come and go, while techniques and design tools continuously evolving. What we perceive when it comes to branding new product designs may completely change with time, but the goal of the design or a product logo will always remain the same. What would it be one may ask? To identify the business, product, or services you or your organization offers. This gives a greater opportunity to create a stronger brand identity that will perform, rather than just create a good-looking picture.

Launch of our new website

Along with announcing our updated brand identity, a few months ago we revamped our website as well. The new site delivers content in a clean and well-organized layout, to provide visitors with easy access to our solutions by discipline and technology, blog section, events and webinars, and our success stories.

Improved visual identity

Our business has grown and evolved over the years, and we felt it was time for change and improvement. After careful considerations and some creative sessions with Projectum graphic design team, we decided to improve our product logo visual identity, without going far from the old identity.

Our graphic design team worked towards the mission of upgrading product logos with the modern key elements while keeping them professional yet still simple and clear. As we devote ourselves continuously in developing optimal processes and scalable solutions for Project and Portfolio Management, with outstanding drive and energy in modernizing Work Management, for us it was essential to show what we know best through our improved visual identity. The team worked to find something that appeared explicit, approachable, smart, friendly, and well connected with Projectum.

  • New product design colors
  • New product design creativity
  • New product design creativity 2
  • New product design overview
  • New product design overview 3
  • New product design power ppm
  • New product design overview 4

“While working on a new visual identity for the product logos, it was still important to keep the existing colors with a bit of improvement, so it’s still connected well, and our customers and clients are aware that it belongs to Projectum. My aim was to improve the logos in the way that it would be clear what the product is about. I also wanted to stick with its authenticity and keep it professional modern and clear”.

Projectum Graphic designer.