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Team Planner

What is
Team Planner?

Team Planner is a Projectum resource management tool for Microsoft Project Online. The intuitive nature of Team Planner gives project managers and team managers an easy-to-use tool for requesting and allocating resources. It makes the planning and coordination of resources simpler and less time-consuming.

Key Benefits and Features

Team Planner provides management an outline of capacity through relevant out-of-the-box dashboards within the timeframe of your choice.

The team leader obtains the right insight of the workload within teams and departments, making it easy to allocate the most suitable resources for the projects in question.

Project managers gets a full overview and can trust when which resources are working on his or her projects.

Team Planner is an add-on to Resource Engagements in Project Online and is compatible with standard Microsoft functionality. 

Its highly user-friendly interface with convenient drag-and-drop functionality, makes resource management elegant and attractive.

Reporting is made simpler with built-in KPI reporting and heat maps which makes sure that everyone in your organization have the relevant information at all times. If this is not sufficient for your needs, Power BI can take care of the rest with interactive dashboards

A transparent and accurate capacity overview
The foundation for resource forecasting
A reliable way of requesting and allocating resources in hours or FTE in Years, Months, Weeks or Days.
Push data directly to Power BI
Why you need
Team Planner in your business

This explainer video gives you an understanding of why Team Planner is the perfect tool for your business.

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