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Resource Manager

What is
Resource Manager?

Projectum Resource Manager eliminates the hard, manual work that comes with trying to consolidate the resource overview and replaces the huge spreadsheet that should contain the entire resource capacity overview.

Resource Management is a difficult discipline, but it is made systematic and structured with Resource Manager.

Resource Manager is a process based solution that facilitates the exchange of resources between project managers and team managers. It is a tool that support the project manager getting the requested resource - or at least an answer on the request. From the team managers perspective, Resource Manager gives the whole picture of the resource capacity within the team or department. Resource Manager is, in other words, a solution that provides your matrix organization a full resource overview.

Key Benefits and Features

Resource Manager brings clarity to the whole project organization. By using Resource Manager, top management, PMO, Team Managers, Project Managers and team members, are presented with an extensive overview of project allocations. This gives the organization the chance to plan ahead and take corrective action if necessary.

Resource Manager is an add-on for Microsoft Project Server, that compliments the platform. It is ideal for an on-premise installation in larger and complex organizations.

Data can be extracted in Microsoft Excel or Power Bi for extensive reporting on all levels of the organization.

Close the gap between resource request and resource allocation
Process based approach to resource management
Flexible and faster project planning
Request and allocate resources in hours or FTE per Years, Quarters, Months or Weeks
Push data to Power BI and get the nice-looking and interactive reports in real time
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