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Service Department

Focus on Service

In Projectum we strive, to give the best possible service to all customers in need. To do so, we have a specialized Service Department, and our goal is to provide the necessary help and expertise to maintain, develop and grow your solution, once it has been implemented and the daily operation takes over. The Service Department handles all incoming incidents from customers with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and utilizes all employees, including Microsoft MVP’s, solution leads and senior profiles and members of the project team. This enables us to deliver fast and reliable solutions to any given issue raised. All incidents are documented and we benefit from knowledge sharing as the foundation for providing reliable service, that fits your needs. 

With a Service Level Agreement
we offer

  • access to a portal for named users only.
  • governance-meetings with Projectum Service Manager.
  • a Service Manager that acts as your single point of contact.
  • a differentiated Service setup.

"We experience a skilled and dedicated team, who is focused on building a long term partnership"

"We developed our Project Online solution in close collaboration with Projectum – and to ensure continuous improvements – Projectum is still our selected partner for Project Online. We experience a skilled and dedicated team, who is focused on building a long term partnership and not just delivering case by case deliverables, which is critical for us."

Barbara Ann Schmidt, PPM Manager, Velux

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