Effective resources through effective resource management

Resource Management

Resource management

as a discipline

Resource management is a discipline that we, in Projectum, take very seriously. After all, a project without resources can hardly be described as a project.

Our consulting services offer advice based on several years of specialized experience with resource management. We understand the resource management complexity on all organizational levels and have the ability to transform your needs to a solution that support the underlying processes. No matter the sophistication, we cater to users and organizations, that deal with resource allocations within projects and we aim to provide solutions that enables greater insights into teams, resources and resource bottlenecks. We want to help you achieving an overall capacity overview, balanced workload and be able to give an accurate budget input.

We take pride in developing add-in solutions that complement existing features in the Microsoft Platform, or as a separate solution to accommodate a higher level of complexity. Thus, we listen to the challenges that our customers must overcome on a daily basis and whenever we develop or deliver a solution that solves a challenge, our existence is justified! We are happy to see that Team Planner, assist Line Managers and Project Managers in their daily work in an easy and user-friendly way and we strive to continue improving our solutions, in order to meet the fast-changing world of today.

Depending on whether you decide to manage your resources within Project Online or Dynamics 365 PSA you will benefit from a solution that is easy to set up and maintain, and provides you with fantastic features and overviews, through beautiful automated dashboards and reports.

We challenge you
on your resource management

True Project Portfolio Management cannot cohere without taking resource management in consideration, however there is a time for everything. Our approach to delivering the right solution for you, depends on many things; organizational maturity, existing solutions and/or processes, just to mention a few. Do you already have a reliable portfolio overview? Do you know who is working on what?

Projectum can provide a tailored solution, that is based on where you stand today and where you want to be. Let us show you the many angles of the same subject, let us challenge you and vice versa.

We dare you to take resource management to the next level.

Enabling timely capacity planning

Improved capacity forecasting enables Grundfos BD to deliver on better product development and shorter time-to-market.

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