The right information, to the right person at the right time, enabling the right decisions

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Delivering a
PPM BI solution

Projectum believes in the value of data driven decisions and the importance of utilizing all PPM related data in a simple and elegant way. The core in the Projectum approach to PPM Business Intelligence is the classic BI success criteria’s; the right information, to the right person at the right time, enabling the right decisions. We achieve this by combining Projectum best practice PPM report packs with experienced consultants and the best tools, in an agile process to deliver reporting to all levels in your organization:

  • CxO
  • PMO
  • PM
  • PL and more

Our vast experience combined with our urge to always improve ourselves and be on top of new technologies enable us to clear the path for you to see how data can be visualized. We want to give you the right foundation to get the overview you need, when you need it and facilitate the road to become more data driven and measure the results you achieve in your PPM activities.

We unite best practice PPM report packs, experienced consultants and the best tools to help you on your PPM Business Intelligence journey, and achieve the - sometimes very complex - task of structuring data and automating reports. The right reporting supports stakeholders to gain insight, make decisions and in the end, realize your organizational strategic goals.

Our approach to delivering the desired reporting, depends on you and your organization. Together we can decide on a method, whether it be according to a traditional specification of requirements or within an agile framework. Our customers usually benefit more from an agile workflow, as this intensifies being on track with your needs, always. We enjoy and appreciate working as close as possible with our customers, and the results are a perfect reflection of that.

Key features

We always strive to use the newest and best tools from template based detailed status reports to dynamic mobile dashboards. 

  • Overview – see and analyze aggregated data on all areas across projects (E.g. Portfolio status, Finance & Risk)
  • Detailed real-time project status reports with comments (E.g. Status meeting reports, Gate meeting reports, Risk & opportunities)
  • Historical data capture and analysis (Project performance, Change in forecasts & Risk mitigations)


Enabling timely capacity planning

Improved capacity forecasting enables Grundfos BD to deliver on better product development and shorter time-to-market.


At Projectum we are dedicated to keep developing our PPM BI offering and we invests time and resources in researching and testing the latest technology and trends. Currently we are focusing on effectively capturing historical changes and harvesting the business value of historical data – learning from the past to improve the future. 

Our PPM BI offering
Focusing on your business needs, we find the best solution for you:
Portfolio Overview
Project status report (SSRS or Office Exporter)
Project Risk report
Resource/role utilization overview
Finance report
Trend reports (historical changes)

Power BI Dashboard

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